Done With That - reclaiming your career

Have you outgrown your role, the "brofest" or your company? Tired of not getting the credit when you did the work? It's time for"Done With That!" Immediate relief for work stress.

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Have you said any of these the past week:

"I hate my f***ing job!" 

"I want to do something else but I don't know what."

"He's such a di*k!" "She is totally sabotaging me!"

Sounds like You're Done With That!

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Being Done With That - let's you enjoy work again.

• No More wasting time, holding back or thinking it's just YOU!

I'm Lisa Guida from Why Leap Alliance. 

Oh, I have so totally been where you are: itchy, bitchy and ready to go on to the next challenge, but just not sure what it would be.

When you are told to "wait - you aren't ready yet" or you have a boss holding you back, work becomes both boring and uncomfortable.

I'm sharing some of my 25 years experience as the only woman in the room - and some insight from my favorite clients.

Take a step and "Reclaim your time" and your laugh!

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