Have you outgrown your role, the "brofest" or your clients? Tired of being told to stand down? Play "Done With That!"

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Have you said any of these the past week:

"I hate my f***ing job!" 

"I want to do something else but I don't know what."

"He's such a di*k!" "She is totally sabotaging me!"

Sounds like You're Done With That!

 Done With That! - for women who are Done with Leaning In, Standing Down and Bending over

You will create & implement your action plan AND laugh the way you used to!

Done With That! is a DYI course AND a Face Book Community so you can play along with other women who totally get you!

I'm Lisa Guida from Why Leap Alliance. Oh, I have so totally been where you are; Itchy, bitchy and ready to go on to the next challenge, but just not sure what it would be.

When you have outgrown your job or your client base, work becomes both boring and uncomfortable.  

In the Done with That! Program - it's a digital DYI course where you will find the solutions for your next steps with some laughs, lots of actionable insights and a new group of friends in our Social Group.  

New friends that GET why you want to change things up. 

Take charge, try new options, get past the fear and create the career that you love! It will make the other parts of your life better too!

You'll also get my 25+ years of corporate experience as the only woman in a senior leadership role. (BTW- I always had a side hustle going as well!) Loved our customers too - Pepsico, The Coca-Cola Co., Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, 3M and so many more.

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